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Situation Goodness Method for Weighted Centroid-Based Wi-Fi APs Localization

The paper describes the testing location and the used Wi-Fi fingerprints database. That database is used to create new databases that recreate different sampling possibilities through a samples deletion strategy. The original database and the newly created ones are then used to evaluate the localization results of several AP localization methods and the new method proposed in this paper.

By Mendoza-Silva Germán M, Torres-Sospedra Joaquín,Huerta Joaquín, Montoliu Raul, Benítez Fernando, Belmonte Oscar

October 13, 2016

Ensembles of indoor positioning systems based on fingerprinting: Simplifying parameter selection and obtaining robust systems

Selecting the appropriate parameters for an indoor positioning system may be a difficult task due to the large number of parameter combinations. It is more complex in realistic multi-building multi-floor environments, where severe wrong building and floor errors occur but they are not highlighted in the main evaluation metric. Moreover, a selected parameter configuration, that may seem appropriate in the system validation, may not have the expected behaviour in a real deployment. In order to address these issues, an ensemble of indoor positioning systems is introduced. A base estimator with 2.332 parameter combinations has been used. According to the results, this model simplifies the parameter selection and provides more robust systems.

By Joaquín Torres-Sospedra; Germán M. Mendoza-Silva; Raul Montoliu; Oscar Belmonte; Fernando Benitez-Paez; Joaquín Huerta

January 1, 0001