Semillero de Innovación Geográfica.

By Esri Colombia - Bogota, Colombia in GIS Development Apps Web and Mobile Mentoring

March 1, 2013

Project description

Esri Colombia is the official distributor of the ArcGIS platform in Colombia., for more than 40 years, this company has been the leading GIS consultant and commercial distributor of ArcGIS. Currently, this Colombian-based company is also distributing ArcGIS in Ecuador and Panama. I started working there as a support engineer till I reached the development program manager position. During this role, we promote the Esri development platform and business models that Esri and ArcGIS offer to consultancies or companies that might complement their portfolio using or reselling the ArcGIS products. We assembled a multidisciplinary team that included GIS analysts, developers, and web and mobile designers to test and deploy the latest features from ArcGIS products. Using the AGILE method, the team could deploy all kinds of web and native applications quickly.

My role

During the last two years working in Esri Colombia, I was the head of the group named as SIG-Semillero de Innovación Geográfica (in Spanish). My role was to manage the budget and people from the GIS services sector, performing GIS projects, in several Colombian public and private organizations developing web and mobile applications. Over two years the innovation team was created using bachelor students with GIScience skills, designers and developers to set up small groups that help Esri to deploy new, innovative and out of the box applications showing the potential of Esri’s developer platform.

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March 1, 2013
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