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Joint Doctorate in Geoinformatics

By European Commission in Open Cities Open Data Smart cities

September 1, 2015

Project description

Migratory birds are capable of amazing feats of navigation, yet our understanding of how they do this remains fairly rudimentary. We explore how birds use Earth’s magnetic field for navigation in a novel data science approach to ecology. For this, we will connect bird tracking data from over 60 studies with geomagnetic data from satellites and terrestrial networks, to, for the first time, find out about the actual geomagnetic conditions that the birds experienced during their journeys. These joint data will be explored with data mining and results validated with navigation simulations in real geomagnetic data, collected in robotic drone surveys.

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My role

I work within a multidisciplinary team that include experts in several areas such as health, public policy, economics, and urban analytics. I support the work package 3, related to spatial modelling wich aim to develop spatial modelling methods or tools that can be integrated within the epidemiologic-socio-economic models to tackle policy questions that are relevant at the sub-national level (e.g., regional and local authorities). We are producing methodologies that offer ‘what if’ scenario modelling in relation to spatial variations in policy regulations, such as the local relaxation or reintroduction of social distancing rules, or local controls over business, leisure, and education.

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September 1, 2015
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Open Cities Open Data Smart cities
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