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Shocks and Resilience

Supporting the spatial modelling this multidisciplinary project aims to develop spatial modelling methods or tools that can be integrated within the epidemiologic-socio-economic models to tackle policy questions that are relevant at the sub-national level (e.g., regional and local authorities).

By The Alan Turing Institute - London, UK in Urban Analytics Spatial Modelling Data fusion

Uncovering the Mechanisms of Migratory Bird Navigation with Big Data Analytics.

Lead by Dr Urška Demšar one of the leaders in Science of Movement, I supported the developing of a novel data fusion method to join remote sensing data from the European Space Agency-ESA mission (Swarm) with animal movement trajectories. This exciting and multidisciplinary project attempts to meets Ecology with GISience methods to study how birds in particular long distance migrants use Earth’s magnetic field for navigation.

By The University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK in Ecology Animal movement Geomagnetism Data fusion

Geo-C, Enabling Open Cities

The term “smart cities” has been coined for initiatives that monitor and analyse different aspects of urban life, and manage service provision intelligently. GEO-C aims to contribute methods and tools to realise smart and open cities, in which all groups of society can participate on all levels and benefit in many ways. The complementary strands of research in GEO-C will lead to an improved understanding of how to build open cities and will produce a prototypical open city toolkit.

By European Commission in Open Cities Open Data Smart cities


Head of the geographic innovation group called “Semillero de Innovación geográfica - SIG”, I lead over 12 developers and GIS engineers to deploy GIS apps, using the latest Esri’s SDK and APIs. In over a year we could test and deploy over 100 applications using the web and mobile Esri frameworks. The aim of this group was to combine new and stunning web desing techniques with the most innovate features from the Esri API, GIS builders and Mobile SDKs.

By Esri Colombia - Bogota, Colombia in GIS Development Apps Web and Mobile Mentoring